City Slang: Weekly music review roundup

March 18, 2014

Guardian Angel cover

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Guardian Angel Into Lightnin’ (Easy Action) is an interesting record, taking a trip back to ’71 and looking at former Rationals man Scott Morgan’s short time with the band Guardian Angel, which would later evolve into Lightnin’.
Like most of Morgan’s best work, Guardian Angel had a heavy R&B influence, softening the edgy rock ’n’ roll. Guardian Angel only released one single back in the day, but Easy Action was able to raid the vaults and compile a really exciting, important retrospective album. The band got that little bit better, too, when former Savage Grace man Al Jaquez joined and beefed up the vocals. For some, this record will be a welcome trip down memory lane, for other it will introduce some lost treasures.


The ConcussionsBreak Up with the Concussions (Double Crown) is the Michigan quartet’s follow up to 2012’s Fall in Love with the Concussions, and it sees olde Grand Rapids rocker Dick Chiclet, also of the Fuzzrites, doing his best to ape both Dick Dale and the Shadows with eight retro rock ’n’ roll instrumentals. One is called “Fur-Lined Speedo.” Who wouldn’t want to hear that?

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