City Slang: Madonna + Clint Eastwood > Tom Brady

February 5, 2012

OK, so by now we know that the New York Giants again ignored the form book and won the Super Bowl over the Patriots, just as they did four years ago. Former Wolverine Tom Brady was particularly underwhelming, made to look slightly silly by a man whose name is Eli. Again.

The half time show was of interest to us Michiganders, of course, because of the performance of Madonna. First off, I should mention that, in response to the first ever City Slang competition, Tomine Kinzler has won a box of CDs by correctly guessing that Madonna’s first song of the set would be “Vogue”.

Even Tomine probably wouldn’t have guessed that our Madge would play that song dressed as a gladiator, surrounded by Cirque du Soleil acrobats. It looked and sounded great though, as did “Music”. LMFAO appeared for a killer version of their own “Party Rock Anthem”, then Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. joined the party for Madonna’s return-to-form new track “Give Me All Your Lovin’” (not to be confused with the ZZ Top song, a mistake I made earlier in the week).

The closer was the killer though – after a teaser line from “Express Yourself”, Cee Lo Green popped up with a choir to help with “Like A Prayer”, in this writer’s opinion Madonna’s greatest song.

Look, Madonna hasn’t truly represented Detroit in years. She barely mentions the city. But she dedicated this performance to her father who, she said, instilled the Midwestern work ethic into her. Along with Clint Eastwood’s perfect ad for Chrysler (“Detroit’s showing us it can be done”), what could be a bigger tribute to the place of her birth?

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  • Sndtech1

    I thought it was a bad Cher clone. Bring on the Peppers of maybe Foo Fighters. I was embarrassed for Cee Lo Green. He could have done a more relevant set by himself. 

  • Not a Virgin

    She was dressed as a Viking, not a gladiator.

  • Rob St. Mary

    I would have laughed if it was a cover of the ZZ Top song! HA!

  • Mmontezinos

    Madonna looked like a combo of Viking and Gladiator. The Roman looking guys who hauled her throne in reminded me of Cleopatra.  Madonna did say in an interview she was sending her daughter to the U of Michigan and mentioned she was she was from Michigan.  Cher has done nothing  lately; how can you compare the two?