City Slang: Easy Action tops night of punk at New Way

July 25, 2012

With Californian punk vets Fang rolling into town (remember that “The Money Will Roll Right In” song Nirvana covered?), a solid bill featuring three great Detroit bands was put together for what turned out to be a fantastic evening at the New Way in Ferndale, one of the most underrated venues in Metro Detroit.

Death in Custody is first up – the band plays straight-forward hardcore with no frills and less grace. Snotty, obnoxious and aggressive, the band sounds great despite showing up late and having zero time to, y’know, sound check and shit.

Golden Torso is frankly spectacular. With shirts off and bellies out, the guys in the band are not a pretty sight, which is perfectly apt because they don’t make pretty music. The songs are a little more “technical” than the average punk but it is the delivery which is so intense. This band needs to be checked out again. And again.

Fang rips through a heavy set, then it is the turn of Easy Action, who simply don’t know how to do a bad show. John Brannon blasts through a well-tuned set with the ever-awesome “Friends of Rock ’n’ Roll” still the highlight. A new album is hopefully forthcoming, but for now it’s enough to know that Easy Action remain one of the best live bands in town.

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  • John Pawlowski

    I was at this show. Besides lacking any passion in your writing ability, it seems as if a 12 year old first time reviewer writing for the grade school paper wrote this live review…absolutely terrible and confirms you have no ability to write creative or interesting “live” rock reviews. You might want to try writing books on subjects already covered extensively for years by other authors…oh wait…you already do this. Awesome write up on the headliner Fang (simply: “Fang rips through a heavy set”). I pray you have a day job.

  • Brett Callwood

    LOL. Funny stuff. My job is to cover local music, and Fang are from out of town. But good try.