City Slang: Coming soon at Trinosophes

March 13, 2014

Bob Ostertag

This Saturday, March 15, Trinosophes hosts Middle Eastern music ensemble Safaafir (Amir and Dena El Saffar)

They say, “Safaafir is a name that evokes the ancient art of coppersmithing in Iraq. Soug al-Safaafir, or the coppersmiths’ market, is memorable for the din of hammers on copper and the glowing beauty of each creation. The sound of the Iraqi Maqam has often been likened to the Soug al-Safaafir for the metallic timbre of the instruments and the percussive hammering of the ancient rhythms.
Amir and Dena ElSaffar, brother and sister, come from a family of Safaafir (sing. Saffar), or coppersmiths, and it is from their ancestors’ legacy that the name of the ensemble was born. Since its inception in late 2005, Safaafir has performed throughout the US in concert halls, museums, universities, and private parties.”

Doors at 8 pm. $5-10.


The following Saturday, March 22, the venue hosts Robert Ostertag.

“The early part of Bob Ostertag’s career was focused on improvised music. In 1975 he formed the group Fall Mountain with famous experimental musician Ned Rothenberg. He participated in the birth of the early 80′s “Downtown” improvised music scene in New York with people like Fred Frith, John Zorn and Zeena Parkins; his early mixture of tape manipulation, home-mades and samples in an improvising context brought him sudden attention, which he largely traded for a life in political activism.
Ostertag became involved in the turmoil of Central America in the 80′s and left music to live in El Salvador for nearly 7 years. His expertise was sought after and his writings appeared in many publications, including Pensamiento Propio (Nicaragua) Pensamiento Critico (Puerto Rico), The Guardian (London), the Weekly Mail (South Africa), Mother Jones and the NACLA Report on the Americas (US), AMPO (Japan), and even the clandestine theoretical journal of the New People’s Army in the Philippines. He alternated his time in Central America with organizing and public speaking in the US, giving lectures at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, and many other schools and institutions.”

This is the first date of a ten-day redidency.

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