Tribute Thursday for Brainstorm & P-Funk singer Belita Woods

May 16, 2012

Update: We just heard that there will be a tribute to Belita held Thursday night at Bert’s Marketplace, 2727 Russell Street, Detroit; 313-567-2030.

Just over a year ago we wrote about and shared pictures from a benefit for singer Belita Woods in the wake of her massive heart attack. The Detroit singer’s resume goes back to sides with producer Ollie McLaughlin in the ’60s and the group Brainstorm in the ’70s and work with P-Funk circle from the ’90s on.

We recently found out that Woods died on Monday at age 63. This clip of her with George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic from 2004 is a look back at why she created such a fuss. (Thanks to Terry Thunder Hughley via Facebook for turning us on to the clip.)

  • J9tips

    This has gotta b’ the saddest day of my life. We love you beltita! Fly on!

  • Clipadelic

    I had a guy from FRANCE say, Belita`s voice makes feel the same as a Baby who has his head on his Grandma`s bosom.

  • Tony Roll

    I know what you mean, the song HOT FOR YOU was somethin’ else !!!

  • Tony Roll


  • Ward Snow

    We from Southwest Detroit will miss you baby….. LOVE YOU MUCH….