Bookie’s Club 870 Anniversary Reunion planned for Monday

March 14, 2014
Bookies Club 870, Detroit, 1978
Detroit’s ’80s punk scene owes much to Bookie’s Club 870, a gay bar that handed over booking to punk band The Sillies, who set up shows with some of the era’s best punk acts, like Iggy Pop, The Damned, The Dead Boys, The Romantics and many more.
The building burned down in the ’90s, but The Sillies have set up anniversary reunions every year. This year’s reunion will be held at The Perfect Pitcher in Taylor, and features nine bands for just $5. The MOD, The Porcelain Doll Collection, Pick Axe Preacher, Christy & The Professors, Dirty Mind In Detroit, Faster Taxi, Bloodline, Saturnine Hello, and naturally, The Sillies are all on the bill.
Read the Perfect Pitcher’s Facebook more info, or check out this slideshow gallery of 20 photos from Detroit’s late-’70s punk scene by photographer Sue Rynski.
The Sillies, Ann Arbor, 1978


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