Blowout Day 2 – Hamtramck rocks

May 2, 2014


So here’’s how I’m going to do this thing – a different city, every night. Thursday was Hamtramck night, Friday is Detroit and Saturday is Ferndale. I chose fairly randomly, but I absolutely wanted to check out Nice Hooves on Thursday so Hamtown got my school-night slot.


Somehow, I’d managed to not see Warhorses before but they were worth the wait at the New Dodge. Really dark and moody in an ’80s sort of way, but with a modern psychedelic edge. It was cool when they insisted that the spotlights be switched off so that we could enjoy their dry ice. Great tunes, good show.


A quick dash to the Painted Lady for Moon Walks, but only a quickie because I’ve seen this band a few times this month already. They get better each time though – youthful youths playing trippy psych-garage rock. I think the guitarist has cut off his flowing locks. Bit of a shame – he looks less the guitar hero and more the garage guitar dude. The band were all glitzed out and looked great. Last time I saw them, they were all jeans and t-shirts.


Went to Seven Brothers to see Cetan Clawson, but his drummer was just starting to set up when they were supposed to be starting, so made an unplanned stop at Celina’s for Touch the Clouds. That band was enjoyable enough, in an alt-’90s, pop-rock sort of way. Big tunes.


Back to Seven Brothers, and Clawson was finally playing. The guy is an amazing guitarist, and his band try hard to keep up with him but struggle a little. Clawson is musical mature beyond his years, but he obviously doesn’t want to perform flanked by a couple of silver foxes so this is a price he has to pay. Still great to watch though.


The New Dodge was rammed for The Octopus, who piled through a hard, retro-stoner rock set. Awesome female vocals, big riffs – wonderful.


Nice Hooves were predictably awesome. Ferocious hardcore punk with a very rock ’n’ roll twist (much like Bang! Bang! but less obviously so), Nice Hooves was the highlight of Hamtramck-Thursday.


Right in the middle, I went back to the Painted Lady to see My Pal Val, who sounded great. Surfy alt-pop. Big tunes. Good voice. Catchy. I’ll see again.

Thursday is always the slow day but Blowout-proper got off to a flyer in Hamtramck. I hear Small’s was packed, and even the smaller venues had people. Jesus Chainsaw has said that it was slow in Detroit. Growing pains. To be expected. But this thing will keep getting bigger and better. I fucking love Blowout.

Friday. We go again. See you in Detroit.

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  • BartCrawlwould

    This is really poorly written and makes Blowout sound boring. This dude is clearly not into music or excited about it, and the way he describes the bands sounds like shit my aunt would say (“with a very rock ‘n’ roll twist”). Also, where does he get off taking passive-aggressive cheap shots at musicians that are working hard to entertain his ungrateful ass (“enjoyable enough”, “his band try hard to keep up with him but struggle”. Fuck off, man.) Metro Times, could you get someone who gives a shit about music to write about this legendary music festival?

  • BC


  • Sad Thursday in Ferndale

    I doubt there were 50 non-band attendees in Ferndale for the whole night. Went to six acts and four had less than ten people. Leopold and His Fiction redeemed the whole night though.

  • Be real about Blowout please

    That low attendance must have been growing pains in Ferndale too, huh?

  • Hater

  • blowout was a joke

    “Growing pains. To be expected” So the Metrotimes was expecting poor attendance? The festival is in it’s 17th year. If it was poorly attended in Ferndale, Detroit and Hamtramck on Thursday night perhaps it’s just poor execution by the Metrotimes.