Blowout 2014 schedule available to view now

April 14, 2014

Blowout poster2

The schedule for Blowout 17, taking place Wednesday April 30 to Saturday May 3 in Hamtramck, Detroit and Ferndale, is available to see now.

Visit to see the schedule and plan your festival.


  • Willy

    Okay, so the other shoe finally drops. I note that the schedule arrives some weeks after MT started selling tix for this 3 city extravaganza, so that should make for some interesting commentary in itself. Count me as a former fan who doesn’t understand the logic of scheduling a festival this way. Oh, I get that it’s still a pretty reasonable cost, but at the price of having to drive from Hamtramck to Ferningham to Detroit, or “PICK ONE CITY!!”, or miss an opportunity to see some great band because of the schedule.

    Seems to me that the point of Blowout in the first place was to get a critical mass of people together to have a great collective experience in a gritty urban downtown, party it up and see great music. Was a winning formula for years, so this iteration after that debacle last year just leaves me scratching my head in confusion.

    So, in the end, this is just three mini fests and a collective f**k you to the bands and the fans because they’re all being held on the same weekend, on the same nights, in three different cities. WTF?!