Blowout 2014 to be the biggest and best yet

February 4, 2014

Blowout 2014

The Blowout Festival will return on Wednesday, April 30, presenting four days of some of the best music that Detroit has to offer.

While Blowout is returning to a one-weekend format this year, the festival is also adding the city of Detroit to the program (beyond the kickoff).

The kickoff party will be on Wednesday, April 30 at the Magic Stick, as is the norm. The main portion of the festival will then take place in Hamtramck, Ferndale and Detroit, simultaneously.

Blowout has always celebrated all that is great about Detroit music – the diversity, the technical ability, the grit and the passion. The volume of magnificent bands and musicians across the Metro Detroit area continues to be staggering, and to expand. It’s incredibly exciting that Blowout is expanding to reflect that fact. The biggest and best local music festival is about to get bigger and better.

The submission process is now open, at No bands have been announced yet, but you guys will be the first to know when they are.

The growth of the Blowout is both healthy and necessary. Nobody is being left behind, and the expansion into Detroit is the perfect way to move forward. Blowout venues in Detroit will include, as well as the Stick, the Old Miami, Union Street, and the Northern Lights Lounge.

Venues in Hamtramck and Ferndale will include Paycheck’s, Smalls, New Dodge Lounge, Painted Lady, Whiskey in the Jar, Kelly’s, Celina’s Sports Bar, Loving Touch, WAB, Rust Belt Market, Como’s, New Way Bar, Found Sound, and Ferndale Public Library.

In addition, there will be a Blowout 2014 launch party on Friday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day) at the New Dodge in Hamtramck. Illy Mack, Cold Men Young, Sleepless Inn, and After Dark Amusement Park will perform, and the action starts at 9 p.m. Cover is $5 per person, or $8 per couple.

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  • robpollard

    Well, for awhile there I was worried that there would even be one.

    As far as the expansion being “healthy” and no one “left behind”, that’s not how it felt last year. Hamtramck had half the energy and people as previous years. We’ll see how it goes for all three cities this year, with everything being on one weekend. I’ll hope for the best.

  • Marq Andrew Speck

    And yet we have yet to be able to get Sweet Crystal at any of these venues during this event. Must be our shoes…

  • Johanna Berger

    This is bullshit.

  • Johanna Berger

    This is bullshit. Thanks for ruining one of the greatest things Detroit had to offer.

  • Brett Callwood

    Biggest and best yet, I said.

  • Alex


  • Alex

    Also, fuck off Metro Times. You guys should be proud that you took one of (if not the only) coolest traditions Hamtramck had to offer and turned it into shit. I’m not paying a cent to support this bullshit. Also, catch the majority of your fan base injured or dead due to drunk driving this year. It was so great having this festival central exclusively to HamT because we didn’t have to drive fucking 5 miles to the next location; WE COULD WALK. Oh, but I’m sure Metro Times plans on fixing this issue by moving the festival entirely to Ferndale in the coming years. Fuck.

  • Brett Callwood

    Biggest and best. You’ll see.

  • imhotep3

    I know haters gonna hate, but … at least get your facts straight. It’s not like the Dodge Brothers started the Blowout in Hamtramck in 1928 and now bad ol’ Metro Times swooped in and is taking it away. Metro Times’ Chris Handyside dreamed up the Blowout 17 years ago. For 15 years, Metro Times held it in Hamtramck exclusively. As a Hamtramck resident, I’m a lot more pissed about other things leaving the city, like American Axle, or the way Kowalski threatens to leave if it doesn’t get its tax breaks.

  • indirectpath

    Everything leaving that leaves the city is a concern.

  • Brett Callwood

    True. Fortunately, it’s not leaving.

  • Willy

    “Simultaneously”? WTF?!! So then are we to understand that the Detroit and Hamtramck locations are competing against Ferningham on the same night? Three mini-festivals, or staggered set times so we can waste time and gas driving back and forth? This should work out well…for Ferningham. Stick a fork in this baby, it’s over.

    Oh, and Callwood, simply repeating “biggest and best” ad nauseam probably isn’t going to win you any new fans.

  • robpollard

    Fair enough that other things (e.g., American Axle) are more important, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about Blowout.

    And what “facts” are people missing? Since its inception, it was held in Hamtramck and that part of the fest was notably diminished last year for not enough gain. I’m not going to comment to extensively on the “biggest and best” part of 2014 until I see the schedule, but as pointed out, how are people going to readily get to 3 different towns, on the same night, in a timely and safe manner? You’re very likely going to have pick one, which will (yet again) diminish Hamtramck.

    I have sympathy for MT, as they are facing severe budget constraints. Thus, they are following one of the big trends in media, which is to make as much money as possible from “events” – conferences, interview series with newsmakers, or (in ther case) concerts. But why couldn’t they have left the Hamtramck Blowout when & where it was, and then host a ‘fall’ blowout (or late summer, or whatever) Blowout at a different time/location? That way, there would still be expanded opportunities for bands, more revenue opportunities for MT, while still keeping a walkable (or at least short shuttle ride) fest experience that you could get your arms around?

  • June

    This makes Ferndale easier to ignore at least

  • Big Whoop

    It’ll be nice outside when that weekend finally rolls around so there will be better things to do and care about anyway.

  • MFC

    I guess we should just be grateful they didn’t move it to Royal Hoax/Ba-Loomingham, too!

  • Maesto

    Biggest and Best.

  • jknaggs

    Sounds like alot of DRUNK DRIVING

  • C.b. Sias

    I will be supporting the venues that will actually pay the bands to play. Not this “for the exposure” crap.

  • Eugene Strobe

    Is Lager House a part of the Detroit faction of Blowout? They have been a music venue housing amazing bands for a very long time (over 15 consistent years) while many venues have come and gone. It would be great if they were a part of the music fest because they ARE Detroit Music!

  • Andrea

    This stinks, having to drive among all the towns to check out bands! BAD MOVE MT.

  • Detroit Rock City

    I think the point you’re all missing is the fact that regardless of where/ when this “festival” is, it still will be sh!t. The line up hasn’t even been posted yet and I can tell you one thing, it is just going to be one large sticking pile of poo. It’s not even about the quality of the music, it’s just who you know at MT. So let’s bring on the reverb surfer rock, drink ourselves into oblivion and get behind the wheel and commit mass suicide.

  • Callwood

    I can’t even be mad at you, because you said “poo.”