About F**kin’ time: Alice Cooper’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, finally

September 28, 2010

It’s true. After 16  years of getting snubbed and kicked to the curb by the nomination comittee involved in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — er, that Jann S. Wenner circle o’ love — finally wised up and nominated Alice Cooper today for 2011.  (Next to Tom Waits and Joe Tex; though it’s certainly a chuckle alongside Bon Jovi.)

"It's these trousers that kept me out of the Hall of Fame all those years, I'm tellin' ya!"

Jesus. It’s about time, particularly if one considers those who made it into the “hallowed” Hall before the Coop, such as Blondie, ABBA, R.E.M, Pretenders, ZZ Top, Wenner, Jackson Browne and the list goes on. …

Forget that the Detroit-born Coop sold 40 million albums and continues to do huge tour business, or that he and the original band influenced so very many (try counting) since their first album, 1969′s Pretties for You, or that songwriters Bob Dylan, Harry Nilsson, Johnny Rotten and David Byrne all sang his praises and nodded to his influence. Forget the anthemic choruses of the radio hits too, and all that glorious Dali-esque decadence. No, what’s always missing in Alice/Rock Hall discussions is the music: the  understated intelligence and cultural narrative — all beautifully and strangely executed — in such songs as “Raped and Freezin’,” “Generation Landslide,” “Teenage Lament” and myriad others that should never be overlooked.

As I wrote in the liner notes to the Billion Dollar Babies Rhino/Warner reissue: The fact is, rock and roll would look a lot different had Alice Cooper never existed.

So kudos to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for its belated choice.

(RIP Brian Nelson)

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  • Daniel Joyaux

    Ummm… you know this is just a nomination, right? Cooper still isn’t in the hall, and there’s no guarantee he will be. Out of the 15 nominees, less than half will be inducted. Personally, I’m rooting for Cooper, as well as Waits, Dr. John, Neil Diamond, and the Beasties. But none of them are in yet.

  • Brian Smith

    Uh, that it’s a nomination is in the first sentence.

    That he and the band are even nominated is pretty remarkable in “Hall” context, all things considered.

    Then again, the whole Rock and Roll Hall of Fame idea is rather silly.

  • Solartiger

    Man, if Alice doesn’t invite the original guys (i.e. Bruce/Dunaway/Smith/RIP Buxton)..to the ceremonies…They were his core for 5 albums!…I will be as mad as all those times AC was forgotten in the past!

    and Donna Summer?!? that’s pretty RnR…shiet!