New Electro Jams for June: Deastro, Dakota Bones

May 25, 2013

It’s MOVEMENT weekend here in Detroit. Happy Memorial Day. I’m playing back some of the newest electro-(and not so electro-)based music released by Detroit artists this week.

Starting with the formidable newness from Deastro:

a1231031239_2Clear Keep….




A thrum of fuzz; a scramble of synths. Melody strangled under wiry, caustic layers of exquisite and obfuscating plug-ins and garbling effects.

Deastro used to make dream-pop. It used to be naive. It used to soar, at safe heights and at speeds you could keep up with… This is a nifty, nimble space-ship fraying apart amid a seemingly accelerating rate, hyper-drive, the propulsive affectation of techno, rhythms reaching warp-9. My ears feel bound to the pedals of a bike that is cranking at unsustainable revolutions, like they almost can’t keep up or that I can’t just stay seated while listening to this. I have to be up, moving, forward, up, out, somewhere else, somewhere onward… Music that can give you a dreadful yet invigorating kind of uncanny runner’s high.




Dakota Bones swaggers with sassy leftfield-flung synth pop panache, deep into an almost vintagey-ringing 80′s club jam, with cyber-squeaks from synths grooving in the wings and weird warbling atmospheric overlays to where you might feel like you’re in Kraftwerk’s Electric Cafe.

This single started streaming a few months ago on Soundcloud

But the magnificent, cheesy, disorienting video montage came out just a week ago. You can listen back to the works of Dakota Bones (i.e. Ben Christensen…also of Slufter), here.

Have a nice weekend.

  • whistle puppy

    Cool! Deastro and Dakota Bones are great! Really dig both of these songs.

    //Quick correction: Dakota Bones is NOT part of Slufter. Slufter has performed as a synth player with the Dakota Bones live set though.//