City Slang: Shagged out at Blowout Day 5

May 4, 2013

Phantom Cats had so many trippy light effects beamed around the library, it felt like we were inside a lava lamp. Very distracting, but I could still hear the singer’s wooing and warbling. It was like if Poly Styrene of X-Ray Specs was trying to sing like Kate Bush. I didn’t not like it, I want to check them out some more, but this morning I had to make a real effort to remember them.


Best band of the night, hands down, was White Shag, and not just because they gave lil’ ol’ me a shout out. A little bit classic rock, a little bit stoner, a little bit proto-punk – the Shag just rocks hard and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of them. It’s all sweat, grinding and jumping on tables. Why would anyone not like that?

Lansing’s Joshua Davis Trio were a little more sedate over at the Loving Touch but, hey, different isn’t bad. These guys have a soulful take on Americana, adding a touch of rockabilly and crooning girls. It was nice to sit and chill for a minute.

I went over to Rust Belt to see Electric Lion Sound Wave Experiment, and was treated to a little bit of Anastasia Gold. The drag queen rocker had performed at Como’s on Thursday to a crowd of virtually no one, so she was asked back to play a few songs between bands tonight. ELSWE were great too. The songs are so dense, there’s no room to breathe. It’s like film score music, composed by Pink Floyd.

My night ended back at One Eyed Betty’s with the Ill Itches, who obviously worship at the altar of the MC5, the Stooges and Brit bands like the Kinks. The exuberance and enthusiasm is infectious, and these guys are so young they have plenty of room to grow. The tunes don’t quite grab your balls yet, but they’ll get there.

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  • Willy

    Well, this just goes to show you why opinions are like a**holes-everybody’s got one. I must heartily disagree with you, Mr. Music, by saying that you’re either crazy or simply had wayyyy too many PBR’s (Oh, I’m sorry-Summer Shandy’s-we were in Ferndale) last nite. Jesus, Callwood, Blowout ended at 2 this morning, so you missed the knockout set from Jessica Hernandez and the Delta’s at Rust Belt, who were clearly the standout set of the night, Audra Kubat, who I think has the most beautiful voice in Detroit, and my surprise set of the night, Amy Gore’s solo gig at the sushi bar (sushi bar? Really?)

    Unfortunately, the sushi gigs were all too lightly attended for the quality of the acts booked in there, but the bright spot was the Rust Belt market, which felt like we were back home in Hamtown listening at the Knights of Columbus with the music spiking off the tile floor and concrete block walls. Then there was the no show by Cetan Clawson, which was a real pisser since I hadn’t seen him play in ages.

    One nite left. Will Callwood be able to stay awake past midnite? Will we get to see the pretty flowers, brick pavers, and “fun facts” we missed the first two nights? Will the COMEDY SET at the sushi bar be the Blowout Birmingh…oops, Ferndale set we’re talking about next year? Pull on your party boots and strap on a diaper, Mr. Music, it’s gonna be a bumpy night.

  • Bill

    Willy…try not to be so miserable. Enjoy the sunshine and try not too be so hateful…I saw 10 acts and many were great. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing. I appreciate Brett not bitching about shit but rather encouraging good musicians. AND YOU ARE RIGHT THESE ARE OPINIONS. So if You don’t like one move on. Too much hate…sickening.

  • Laura Mendoza

    Maybe you should see the bands before you judge what Mr. Callwood had to say about the bands he saw.

  • Birmingdale

    Or maybe Willy is just a dumb ass livin in the past…

  • Willy

    …or maybe Metro Times managed to destroy what was once the greatest music weekend of the year. Just sayin’, B-dale, so sure-maybe I am living in the past, to the extent that it’s a past littered with the wreckage of once great local music events that ran their course. I found the entire experience a stunning disappointment. Having seen talent like Kubat and Gore in packed houses, it was a shame that nobody showed for their gigs except the other bands that were playing on Fri., and still think it was a ludicrous venue to program for Blowout, a f**cking insult to the artists.

    I’m certain you loved the cutsie little Birmingdale music festival with all the well scrubbed kids rubbing elbows with more well scrubbed kids, and never having to leave your vacant suburban comfort zone, deal with the cold, interact with a bum, or be confronted by any evidence of anything that would challenge your carefully crafted worldview. The weather was lovely, there were a bunch of good bands playing, and it was just another weekend in clean, bright, merry ‘ole Ferningham. Score!

    …uh, “too much hate…sickening”. Huh? Lighten the f**k up, dude. I agree that I was being a snarky smart ass, but was calling out the fact that one of the music writers from MT couldn’t be bothered to stick around to see the sets starting between midnite and 2am AT MT’s OWN MUSIC FESTIVAL. Mr. Music did better on Saturday, so bully for him making the effort and blogging about it.