Blowout 16 is on

April 26, 2013

Guest Blog by Frank Woodman (Caveman Woodman)

I’m driving down 94 at 90 miles an hour. Just got out of work an hour early and I have Blowout fever. Trying to make Loretta Lucas, I fly up the back stairs of the Majestic with my backpack and have my first beer open before I reach the top of the stairs. Kick the door open to Bars of Gold at full throttle. Fuck yes! Blowout 16 is on! I love these guys personally, but man, what a kick ass band! The sound on the second stage at the Stick is good. Super sweaty, someone asks if I just played. Ha! The place is buzzing, artists! For the next 4 hours I’ll drink, dance, hobnob, rock out and soak it all in. See you tomorrow Detroit!