Feelings: New 7″ Now, New Album Later

March 18, 2013

“Some-times-I-just-feel-too-much–and-I-don’t-wanna-feel-at-all! “


(Feelings – new 7″ single on Urinal Cake)

“Thumbs Off/Appliance” is an enlivening jam. Put it on and it’ll feel like 1992. Jitter-strut rhythms that pogo and punch, guitars that growl but also jangle, vocals that spit, soar and throatily sear.

“Fun With Mantras” may come off a bit more garage-y to your ears: surfy, seasawing guitars thread the verses that refrain like hatchet-swings “that…that…that!” and then it all goes to glorious hellfire, swelling to this cathartic, if crazed chorus, with drums affecting an otherwise poppy, hand-clappable rhythm–only sped up to demolition-derby time signatures while the vocals, well, they go off like a miter saw…(So do the guitars, actually, also!)

“…just anything that sounds fucking exciting and catchy,” singer/guitarist Matt Mueller summed up the band’s likely direction, songwriting-wise. “Specifically, though, that could be a lot of different things for this band.”

Feelings are a rather fractured, avant-gardist gutter-pop; maybe ramshackle is nice word for it! A new kind of punk that’ll still pluck the heartstrings of those still nostalgic for Nirvana, or those still mused by the dark-beauty of Jesus & Mary Chain. Maybe they’re the middle ground between the melodiousness of the Smiths/REM and the shambled shreds of the Replacements. There’s plenty of names I could drop (and Mueller, along with his brother Mark on drums and Dave Buick on bass, would probably re-drop that Jesus & Mary Chain mentioning…), but perhaps you should just listen for yourself:

FEELINGS – “Thumbs Off / Appliance” – 7″ single 

This new release from this not-so-new-but-in-a-way-New band comes out this week on Urinal Cake Records.

The brothers Mueller have “been doing some version-or-other of this idea since: forever.” Matt is known throughout the local indie circles for his work with Gardens, but many have already started bending their ears towards the various singles that have been coming out with Feelings (which started, properly, with Buick’s entry into the band in mid 2010). Matt left Gardens in late 2011 and soon after that started releasing songs with GOLD Tapes, Buick’s Italy label and the Beehive Recoridng Co.

And now: Urinal.

I say still new because we’re still awaiting that proper full LP statement from Feelings. You’ll be hearing that soon, thanks to Chris Koltay, (but likely not until late-summer).

In the meantime, you can take in the sounds of Feelings at the Outer Limits Lounge, this Saturday. (5507 Caniff St., Hamtramck).
It’s a 7″ release show that features Growwing Pains and Blacker Magic.

Seek out more info from Urinal Cake Records.


  • anonymous

    they sound like the worst parts of BUSH all mixed into a shitty blender and tossed out on the other side of Buick’s daily morning alcoholic puke festival

  • anonymous

    oooh bad one, the Smiths meets REM- I don’t know a single “critic” sitting at home wishing there to be better music that could feel elated about hearing about a band coming around that sounds like the “melodiousness” (is that even a word? Who wrote this article, a drunk Journalism 101 major?) of the Smiths and REM; As though we’d like to hear two of the driest, pandering British queer music (the bad kind of queer music) while they fingerpoke their asses during the recording session. The fingerpoking, that must be why it sounds like a one-armed klutz banging away on the drums … or perhaps they recorded him from down the street. Either way, awful, pop-pandering wannabe Bush rip-off

  • anonymous

    “fucking exciting and catchy” shoot me now. Detroit is supposed to be the epicenter of music for the entire world?

  • matt

    i would gladly shoot you now, but yer too chickenshit to put yer name on here.

  • matt

    not to mention homophobic, borderline illiterate, and apparently familiar with bush’s discography…