City Slang: More Juggalos fighting back

February 10, 2013

More Juggalos have come forward with stories of injustice relating to the group being officially labeled a gang.

“My daughter started listening to Insane Clown Posse years ago. I kept hearing bad things about Juggalos, so I decided to listen to the music myself. I really like the fact that they embrace the ‘Family’ idea regarding their fans and I’ve witnessed Juggalos helping each other out. I became a fan of the music and the lifestyle. I’m not your ‘typical’ Juggalo — I’m 46 years old, a certified optician, certified ophthalmic assistant and I’ve been employed at the only neuro-ophthalmology clinic in the state of Nevada for years. I’m a medical professional and I’m a Juggalo. My daughter is 20. When she was still in high school, she was suspended for wearing a Hatchetman T-shirt and necklace. I came to the school in my work scrubs wearing a Hatchetman necklace with the intent of arguing her First Amendment rights. I was told by the principal as well as the school police officer that they considered Juggalos to be gang members, and as such, they were not allowed to wear their ‘colors’ on school grounds.
“I said ‘I’m a 42 year old medical professional and I’m a Juggalo. I paid cash for my house and cash for my Lexus. Am I a gang member?’ There was no response. While we were in the school, a kid came in wearing a Tupac T-shirt. I pointed him out and said ‘You know, Tupac was shot to death in gang-related violence.’ I was told that Tupac was not considered a gang member. That young man was allowed to recite a Tupac song in his school drama class, while my daughter Kelsie, was NOT allowed to recite an ICP song (that contained A LOT less violent content than the Tupac song). I pulled my daughter out of that school and she finished her diploma through a high school at the local community college where they had no problem allowing her to wear her Hatchet Gear.

“Our local malls have both banned wearing Hatchet Gear attire and will physically remove anyone caught wearing it on the premises. I was asked to leave the mall when I came in wearing a Hatchetman necklace. I told the security guard ‘I bought this necklace right there at Hot Topic. They sell this stuff and yet you’re telling me I can’t wear it?’ He didn’t answer me, just escorted me to the door. Both Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts have since stopped selling Hatchet Gear as they were told that it is gang attire. As a result, they’ve lost a lot of business from the Reno Juggalo community. I think it’s ludicrous that Juggalos are considered a gang when fans of say, Slipknot or Nickelback for that matter, are not.

“Whoop Whoop! From a medical professional, mother, grandmother, poet, and proud Juggalette! FAMILY!”

Kat R., Reno, NV

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  • Insane K

    Damn Straight. Fam. whoop whoop.

  • What up kook!

    Wow I hope I never need medical advise from you. Especially since I live in Reno. Don’t get me wrong, but I have to question your judgment. Yeah I understand you wanna bond with your daughter but go buy her a record player and some good vinyl and educate about her on the classics. I found icp on my little cousins iPod so I sat him down shook my head in disappointment for about 10 min. After that I bought him a skate board and and burned him some good music and took him to the skate park where I further warned him about the dangers of being a kook. P.s. I was in a car and was hit by a drunk driver. 20 year old girl hatchetman necklace.

  • Jackson Scoville

    Juggalos are people too. What up kook. They make the same mistakes as everyone else. There are good and bad. The fact is if you actually understand the lyrics. Every song has a positive backing to it. They promote god and love and respect and family. Dont call us kooks just because of one bad experience.