Lazy sings of Party City

January 9, 2013

Punks make friends too!

Obsession cover artThe three acts in this show, ostensibly of the punk, (or “psyche-rock” variety, or whatever kind of rough-hewn, lo-fi aesthetic suggestive of aggressiveness) all are quite friendly to each other.


For instance, the most formative recordings of the Johnny Ill Band were done in the same Detroit basement, beneath the house that serves as HQ for local label X! Records.

And X! label-head Scott Dunkerly plays the drums for the Frustrations.



And to complete our threesome, the Frustrations bonded with Kansas City-based Lazy while touring with them through the Sunflower State last summer. Now, tomorrow at Jumbo’s Bar, you can hear all three. And, likely, make new friends.


Lazy strikes a balance between hardcore and pop, the Frustrations apply jazz-minded elasticity to noise-rock, and the Johnny Ill Band sounds like Jonathan Richman if he had Mitch Hedberg’s sense of humor and capitalized on synthesizers.



  • 1.10.13 – Jumbo’s Bar
    3736 Third St., Detroit
    Starts at 9 p.m.; $5