City Slang: Decibilt men take a VOYAG3

January 2, 2013

Nope, there’s no typo in the title.

According to a press release we received nice and early in the New Year, Steve Greene, Aaron Greene and Greg Mastin have a new musical project called VOYAG3R, pronounced Voyager 3.

Yup, as awkward band names go, that one’s a doozy. However, the music sounds intriguing. They say, “Inspired from sci-fi/horror/action soundtrack music, Voyag3r have set out to create dynamic, epic, moody and atmospheric sounds intended to inspire. This experimental rock sound is like a movie-less score or the soundtrack to a far away mysterious journey. Voyag3r forge their sound with a multitude of analog synthesizers, drums and electric guitar.”

“Voyag3r will enter The Tempermill studios (Ferndale, MI) in late January 2013 to record their debut 7″ with producer Tony Hamera. The 2 songs will also be available digitally on iTunes. Release date to be announced.”

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