City Slang: Blowout gets bigger and better

December 21, 2012

To celebrate 16 years (yep, 16 years) of existence, this year’s Blowout Festival is expanding to two weekends. Not only that, but the event is moving from March to the Spring.

As usual, the kickoff party will be in Detroit, but this year it is on Thursday, April 25. The following Friday and Saturday will be in Hamtramck. The next weekend, Thursday, May 2 to Saturday, May 4 will be in Ferndale.

In other words, the festival isn’t really losing anything but it is gaining an amazing weekend in Ferndale.

“Metro Times wanted to elevate Blowout within the metro Detroit community, and Ferndale was a logical choice due to its multiple appropriate venues in close proximity. By expanding to two weekends, Blowout can showcase even more extraordinary talent than before,” said Metro Times Publisher, Chris Sexson. “Blowout will continue to bring high quality entertainment and unbridled enthusiasm for the local music scene as it has for the past 15 years, and we look forward to an even bigger year in 2013.”

Artist submissions will begin in January. Please visit for all the latest information.

So what does everyone think? I know I’m bias, but Blowout has been one of the highlights of the year for me since arriving here. Making it bigger just increases the fun. Plus Ferndale is a cool town. Opinions?

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  • capn


  • fed up

    translation: Hamtramck Blowout abandons Hamtramck. A big middle finger to the bars in Hamtown.

  • BC

    How the hell could anyone get that from that? It’s still in Hamtramck.

  • Allen

    Will parking in Ferndale be any easier than Hamtramck? Leave your SVU at home and take the Smart car…

  • Laura Mendoza

    I like the weather change, particularly because I will be able to ride my bike to either town.