JP’s Campaign Celebration in the HP

November 14, 2012

The Party Platform features a summit of Detroit’s wiry young turk type rapping class bringing their post-oughts oddball-ish sweetly-acerbic and genre-jostling rhyme spills into an Irish Pup of all places -ostensibly to toast the end of the painful campaign season- and more visibly the prop the release of a new single by party head JP (John Panich) a.k.a. JP from the HP.

That’s right…

Hip-hop in Hazel Park.

Should be an interesting, if even just from an anthropological/observational conduction – to blast beats and spit rhymes inside an otherwise neon-light-adorned sports-bar aesthetic, curtained with vibrant greens, whites and oranges… (@The House of Shamrocks! on John R). Get the show info from JP’s site. 

Come raise a glass o’ Guiness to JP and his mates: Of Mice & Musicians / Doc Waffles / Jonas G & the Fantastic Three / and Gio Blaze. 


Stream the new single here
JP from the HP – “You Won’t Feel A Thing”

…Meanwhile, JP’s billmate for that evening, Doc Waffles – just got remixed by another local beat maker, Dial 81~

  • OGJP

    I will be the first to comment, I guess. I have been to several JP from the HP shows now and each one is a blast. Don’t know a lot about the other performers except for OMAM. They are awesome. Both JP and OMAM had shows on tapdetroit over the summer. Come and join the celebration. It will be unforgettable and so so so much fun, I promise you.

  • toggaf_retspih

    so acerbic !

  • RonLovesLightbulbs

    Excuse me sir, I am in the business of collecting lights, now I read your little whootin nanny about this rappin show in hazel park witch seems like a bad idea, them irish redneck folk aint never heard none of that hippity hoppity jungle swing before, well golly they might just convulse and die. Now Mr. “Milo” is it? Is that french? Momma told me never trust a french man, ya know with thier open mouth kissin and all, but I seen you had mentioned neon lights, I happen to need some electric blues, vibrant greens, and plush purples for my collection, I was wondering if I could swing by your Irish bar, now listen melo I don’t speak none of that commie irish, but if you can give me a good deal on them there lights we can do business. My name is Ron my telephone device has a number its 1 – 027 – 989 – 2842, hopefully I can get the lights before the evil satan hipity hop takes over my soul an d causes me to participate in one them homasexual dildo butt licking orgys.