City Slang: Rio will revive rockabilly

February 19, 2012

Rio & the Rockabilly Revival, featuring Rio Scafone, niece of legendary Detroit rockabilly dude Jack Scott, will celebrate the release of her debut EP at Orchid (141 W. Nine Mile in Ferndale) on Sunday, February 26.

It is an interesting story, and one we intend to focus on in a forthcoming City Slang. According to a statement, “When a rough, under-produced music demo by local band, Rio & the Rockabilly Revival went viral, front woman, Rio Scafone felt sick to her stomach. The demo recorded in a house in Royal Oak with a single room mic and the crudest of recording equipment has now gone from her worst nightmare to the little demo that could. Never intending to be released, it has now found its way onto playlists in the UK where rockabilly is practically a religion. The demo is now being released as an EP, as is.”

“We never intended for it to be heard outside of a small target audience, I was mortified,” Scafone says. “I mean, my uncle is a rockabilly legend, I didn’t want to embarrass him, was literally sick to my stomach. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect it to ‘grow legs’ like this and be heard much less accepted in the UK, the holy land of Rockabilly.”

Well, now the EP is set for release and Scafone will celebrate in Ferndale. That has to be worth checking out. For more information on Scafone, visit her Facebook page.

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  • AmyFWilliamson

    Love this band.  It’s non stop gritty red lipstick, flowers, pretty polka dotted dresses and sexy hipness!  Vocals are on spot and the band knows how to rock you outta your socks.  Swoooooon!

  • Nforte

    This is the biggest load of $hit I have ever laid eyes on. Apparently one can get PR propaganda printed for a small price these days. If Brett was truly in touch with Detroit’s music scene he would realize 1- There a far more superior rockabilly bands in Detroit than this garbage and 2-Rockabilly has never gone away and is alive and well. THIS ARTICLE IS NOTHING MORE THAN FABRICATED LIES IN AN ATTEMPT TO MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF NOTHING. What a joke…

  • Nforte

    typo *are far* pardon me but this is just disgusting. MT is truly dead if they are now prostituting themselves by printing lies…very sad and sick

  • Hawkeye Pierce

    This novelty act is nothing more than the aforementioned. Definitely NOT Detroit. NOT authentic. The ‘muzak’ truly says it all…in the world of jazz,they would be ‘smooth’, and that’s a generous charge….#DETROITCANDOBETTERWAAAYBETTA…