Tough Guy Overcomes Moronic Muggers

October 11, 2010

Downriver’s News-Herald reported last week that two 20-year-olds, Jeffrey McMath of Wyandotte and Justin Rissane of Lincoln Park attempted to rob Kevin Remisoski outside of a Wyndotte Circle K. The rangy clodpolls even had a rifle.

But it’s obvious they didn’t know who they were fuckin’ with.

Remisoski took action. He disarmed the cub thugs, who then bolted but were later busted. The report says Remisoski could only be whipped with “a lot more guns and a lot more guys.”

Since the fracas posted at the Herald and then at the Fox 2 site on Saturday, Remisoski logged himself in as Kremisoski and answered questions in the comments section below the stories. The tone in each went south with talk of drink, god and guns, and “GOD BLESS AMERICA” all in caps, and the guy claiming to be Kremisoski wound up defending himself there too. Lots of fun.

  • Mr. D

    How old is the vigilante? It makes for a better story if he’s an old codger. Also, did the perps have arrest records? Who what where when and why? The 5 Ws of journalism.
    And God is always capitalized, even if the author is agnostic.

  • Detroitdregs

    $10 bucks says Kevin is posting here within the week.

  • Anonymous

    He’s in his early 30′s…

  • Kevin Remisoski

    You know it. You win the $10 ;)

  • Kevin Remisoski

    My sober rant. Feel free to tell me what an asshole I am.

    Well, it looks like I no longer have the right to have a few drinks. I had an argument with my Mommy one day, and she called the cops because she was afraid I was going to accidentally burn the house down on no sleep by smoking outside. She was rude to my ex-fiance, and I had words with her. I refused to calm down when the police arrived, and they completely jacked up the report and lied in it before arresting me. Now my probation officer wants me to sign some stupid document saying I won’t drink during a probationary period that I shouldn’t be on in the first place. It was an NGRI that I plead guilty to, because I didn’t want to go back into a hospital that would again medicate me and cause me to lose my sanity. What freedoms do I have in this piss country of yours? Speech? Religion? Choice? I have none and never have. Yet, I still defend you and stand up against punks. What has America done for me? Not a goddamn thing but keep me in a cage. Thanks for the forced shots, beatings, restraints, and telling me what the fuck to believe and not to believe. Thanks for ever giving me a choice in what I want to believe. Thanks for telling me that Adam and Eve were lies, and your science is right. You fucking delusional bastards! Fuck you America! I can’t wait until you sink.

  • Kevin Remisoski

    I might be a bit annoyed by this, but whatever. They’ll get their fine money, and I’ll do the 4 weekends of alternative work force. With any luck I’ll get this over with soon. I’m so sick of being stuck in Michigan because of this garbage and then receiving this letter is just the icing on the cake.

  • Kevin Remisoski

    So I guess those fuckbags would rather not fix what was already on TV and not fix the article at all. How nice of them to completely disrespect me like that. At least the News Herald (until they pussed out) and The Metro Times has the sack to run with this.

  • Kevin Remisoski

    Man I hope someone attacks me again soon. I’d rather take another blast to the head than deal with my Mother’s emotional abuse. I can’t wait to find one more punk that thinks he’s gangsta. I’m glad I got the fuck out of there. I leave one psycho bitch just to deal with my Mom for a few weeks? Thank God it’s over. LOL

  • Kevin Remisoski

    Looking back on this incident it pales in comparison to the rest of my life. I only hope that these 2 young men will be forced into the military rather than have their lives wasted in a prison cell over their stupidity. Especially Justin who is a Dad, and should marry his girlfriend and get his ass in the service. I’ve heard shitty things about Jeffrey, but no one is perfect, and no one was harmed. To my knowledge the gun was not loaded, and no one was hurt. Yes, I bled a little, but I would rather not see these 2 lives wasted.

  • Kevin Remisoski

    And to the judgmental pricks that don’t know me, myself, my family, and my many friends would say the same thing i will say myself. Suck my dick you pussy.

  • ochipwa

    You sir are a true human being.
    If this country had more like you we might actually become great again.
    We don’t need more prisons, cops, lawyers, and judges, we need to make people responsible for their actions through atonement and and community service.

  • Kevin


    Thank you sir. I do what I can. I’ve made my own mistakes in life and try every day to be a better person even if I am not by any means perfect or what most people would consider good. To me good and bad are irrelevant in a world where hatred exists.

  • Kevin Remisoski

    Funny how it’s been over a year and I haven’t heard a thank you from Circle K yet.  I decided to send them a corporate letter:

    “I must say that I am severely disappointed in your store.  On September 24th, 2010 one of your stores was a few minutes shy of being robbed at gun point.  The would be robbers thought they would try to rob me outside your store first, and in an attempt to protect your employees, your store, and any customers coming and going in a location that is generally busy late at night, I not only disarmed them, but had both men arrested.  Pardon my French, but I think that only a rude prick would think that a thank you is not LONG overdue.”


  • social worker ceus

    What happened next? How can that guy get through?

  • how to make money online

    :), you are right since it was before.

  • Kevin Remisoski

    I’m not sure what you mean by this question. They were both imprisoned. Justin was released last year, and Jeffrey to my knowledge won’t be out until at least 2015 if not longer.