Ace Reporter Steve Wilson is Lucky to be Alive

July 11, 2010

Steve Wilson, the mountainous, hard-charging former investigative reporter for Detroit’s Channel 7 (WXYZ) released by the station in an apparent cost cutting move last March, had planned to launch his own nonprofit independent investigative unit called The Michigan News Center July 1. However, a bigger story delayed the grand opening – breaking news regarding life and death.

His own.

Steve Wilson in WXYZ days.

Wilson, possibly still best known for his dogged pursuit of ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, suffered a massive heart attack the day his Michigan News Center was slated to begin operation. Alone in his condominium when chest pains struck, he drove himself to Henry Ford Hospital. “I’ve had a couple of other ‘heart issues’ through the years,” Wilson says, “but this one turned out to be ‘the Big One, Elizabeth.’”

He says the attack completely collapsed the main aortic valve at the front of his heart. “This was so massive, the survival rate is usually around two percent,” Wilson notes. “It’s what killed (former NBC Meet the Press host) Tim Russert.”

Wilson had to be revived twice with a defibrillator and placed on a ventilator for five days in intensive care. However, he has recovered sufficiently to be released from the hospital last Friday and is recovering at his home. “I’m back home, waiting for McDonald’s to open,” he says. “No, no, no. I’m not going back there.”

Undaunted, Wilson insists he will open his center this week. “The investigative report that was to be the centerpiece of The Michigan News Center turned out to be a very good one,” he says. “Because I cannot let down the people who provided the information – and OK, maybe partly because the story may have nearly cost me my life – I’m going to launch.

“I do know that no story is worth my life, and will do only reasonably easy work to get this accomplished,” Wilson says. “Most of the heavy lifting has already been done.”

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  • Westlandmark

    Henry Ford Hospital is the best. Thanks for saving Steve Wilson's life! He's not done yet. Someone has decided he has important work to finish on earth.

  • Packards1

    Steve, keep doing what you love but take care of yourself. We need you.

  • guest

    god bless you steve wilson- channel 7 sure ain't what it use to be- I give you the credit for cornering that rat, Kwamee- take care Steve your fans love you and wish you the best!

  • mary

    wishing you all the best and a speedy and full recovery

  • Cin

    Hi Mr, Wilson!!! I'm so sorry that you had that event!!!! I tried to email you at your own email but it came back to me with 'undeliverable'. “Cindy”

  • Frieda

    Good luck and best wishes with your health and your new business. Channel 7 made a mistake letting you go………………..or maybe not. Hope you make an even bigger name for yourself with the new company. YOU are the best!! Thanks for giving Kwanee what he had coming (since nobody else had the guts).

  • Becky Salaz

    hope you are feeling better, and i hope you do wonderful and screw channel7

  • Patricia

    I guess it's time Steve Wilson to take a good look at yourself.

  • Westlandmark

    Wow, Patricia – Really? There's a time and a place for everything; this is neither. Don't you think the doctors of the HFH are advising Steve accordingly? Did you really think this was the forum to post your pompous comment? The absolute harsh rudeness of some people never ceases to astound me. My guess is, you take pride in the fact that, “I'm the type of person who tells it like it is”; as you’ve likely convinced yourself that people secretly admire you for your (what you perceive as) candor. It is actually hurtful rhetoric on the part of someone with a “holier than thou” complex. If you have convinced yourself that you actually cared enough to offer Steve a thoughtful and helpful suggestion, perhaps you could have taken the time to send a personal & private message to him rather than use a public forum to post a “one-liner” that was nothing less than condescending.

    Patricia, the only other thing I have to say to you is I guess it's time Patricia to take a good look at you.

  • Jim

    Get well and keep doing what you are doing!!! You brought the FAT RAT KK down and the ole HAG monica!!! CONGRATS!! Since you are gone, channel 7 does NOT exist anymore!!

  • Pjkeds

    Steve got railroaded at WXYZ as they bowed to political pressures. Steve will undoubtedly pop up somewhere else – perhaps CNN could use someone who appreciates the truth. I know politicians in Detroit are glad to see him go, now they can go back to business as usual. Keep goin’ after ‘em Steve!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Steve. While you were going after the snakes in Detroit, you should have been watching for the other vipers at your back on channel seven.

    Here’s wishing you GREAT success away from all those petty, gutless wee people.

    You would have made a great sheriff in the Old West.

  • carmello128

    I’m so glad you are doing well.  I miss your determined investiagative reporting. 

  • vendetta_the_1%

    Kwame Kilpatrick was a man who was going to look out for the Citizens, starting with the Black Males in Detroit, who are quickly relocating to Jails all across America for their dreams and he started with Ferguson to make it happen. Kwame knew of the racial biasing and just like ANY Entrepreneur (caucasian, chaldeans etc.), family comes first, then friends (Ferguson and us).

    Kwame truly had a passion for Detroit however other investors love it even more! Had Kwame successfully resurrected Detroit from the brink of destruction he would’ve won black-male hearts, placing him in winners seat with our race while providing a way for us to get to Entrepreneurship thus, escaping all the tripwires purposely placed, resulting in a bad taste in the mouth of investors, starting with those interested in Belle Isle.

    The investors would like for Detroit to burn to the ground for now to make it a Billionaire’s resort, forcing the middle class-downward including us to move out so to rebuild just to have Detroit and eventually all of Michigan to themselves… shame. Just follow the money for evidence. That’s why Kwame had to be removed, initialized by you, Steve of WXYZ. Fox2 was in his corner (at first) until the story got too hot. Neither Ch4 nor 7 of Detroit Never really cared for the black minorities, just the news keeping the stories “above the radar”. Carolyn Clifford knows this, which is why she dresses and mirrors the caucasian-clique. Now, what hope mr. wilson will you give the black community while dave bing continue to construct a ‘toilet’ for Detroit? [we won't hold our breath]