The Sights: New Boots and Contracts

June 25, 2010

Let us lift a glass of cheap red wine to the Sights in honor of its new, freshly-inked deal with L.A.-based Alive Naturalsound Records.

It’s mighty fine timing too, considering the Sights have been actively hunting a home for its self-financed, Jim Diamond-helmed Most of What Follows is True since spring. No easy task considering the toilet that is the music biz, but it speaks volumes of the album’s finely etched and genre-creasing rock ’n’ roll.

The Alive roster also includes SSM, Scott Morgan, Outrageous Cherry, Nathaniel Mayer and RL Burnside among lots of others. The label gave rise to the Black Keys.

“I like Alive because it’s got a Detroit line — old and the new,” raves Sights singer Eddie Baranek. “And I like it because they’ll put our albums out on vinyl too. I like actual records.”

The band’s other release this year was a limited edition (200 copies, sold out) four-song 12” on Lansing’s Lower Peninsula Records, which included two songs not appearing on the forthcoming Alive album, but which were recorded at the same sessions.

In the meantime, Baranek, Dave Lawson, Skip and Gordon Smith have spent many spring weekends gigging New York City, Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, Cleveland and Cincinnati, and testing their earning (and satirical!) power proffering soundtrack fodder to the F/X, Sci-Fi and Fox networks.

Most of What Follows is True is set for a mid-November U.S. release.


The Sights, Lawson, Smith, Skip, Baranek (from left)

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  • Willy from Alf

    Hat, glasses and vest dude gets no caffeine after 6:00pm- Grandma's orders!

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  • Brian Smith

    Christ. You're right. See what too much cheap red wine will do?

  • Lquatro

    Their “Total Energy” imprint is also home to Ten High's “Party Store.”