TV Success of ‘Hardcore Pawn’ Spawns 2nd Pawnshop in Pontiac

August 23, 2011

The slogan of Detroit’s massive American Jewelry and Loan on Greenfield is “Where Detroit Cashes In.” Apparently the pawnshop’s owners, the Gold family, take their message to heart: The overwhelming success of Hardcore Pawn, the reality TV series set within their store and the most-watched show on truTV, has motivated them to cash in with a second location in Pontiac.

The Golds have purchased the inventory of the former Premier Jewelry & Loan at 29 S. Telegraph in the Tel/Huron Plaza. Their grand opening and first official day of operation was Monday, Aug. 22.

“We believe our name is going to carry us over there,” says Seth Gold, the store’s young co-owner, who adds that a management team is being assembled for the satellite facility. “If not, then it’s all about the location, not about the owners.”

American Jewelry and Loan owner and patriarch Les Gold deemed the new store a can’t-lose proposition, leaping at the opportunity with the same gusto he displayed in deciding his family should star in their own national cable TV reality show three years ago.

But who’s going to run the new store? “That’s a good question!” Seth says, laughing. He says the plan at present is for at least one of the three principals – Les, Seth or Ashley Gold Broad, American’s feisty general manager – to be on site in Pontiac at all times.

That means the Detroit visitors and Hardcore Pawn fans who travel from as far as Florida and Washington State to see American Jewelry and Loan and meet the Golds now will have a second stop to make.

“We just had a tour bus come in to take a tour of the building, about 150 people,” Seth marvels. “It’s crazy, just crazy! But you’ve got to ride it while you can.”

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  • Mrhaney313

    I hate this show the owners are disrespectful to elderly customers and profit off the mentally ill customers whom patronize them really really sad


    Who hates this? They sure know an awful lot about a business they claim to dislike. What it’s does is show just how unprofessional and disrespectful certain people are. Can’t I say people without someone getting offended?

  • Ffjsars

    Like the show. Entertaining. It is sometimes said how mean and nasty and desperate humans can be. It goes to show is it really all about money? ??????

  • dee dee

    I pawned my mother there!

  • Lpattersonmcp

    Came from California to Detroit to Visit family. Had to make the stop…Both Seth and Les as well as other staff members could not be more accomodating…This part of the trip was very rewarding…Thanks again to Les and Seth!!

  • Bjacwe

    While working in Detroit, decided to visit the store. What a blast. Fell in love with Seth. Everyone was so nice in allowing me to take photos with them. Going back in January and definitely stop in to see everyone.


  • Michellebrown1991

    i hate this mothafucka too ill blow the muthafucka up tommorow if you want or send my mob boyz in to kill them

  • Sharon0148

    Its just a tv show. They have to make money too. I cannot believe some of the customers. Trashy. It’s just entertainment people.

  • Paul

    Very funny show. I’m not use to dealing with the city people. However Les and his crew does a great job. Love to visit there some day to thank them for all the laughs.
    Pauly D from Maryland

  • Pamalha

    Your an idiot. Do the world a favor an just shut up all ready.

  • Jeri_conley

    I like the show, can’t believe the pawners expect so much from the staff.  I have to admit Ashley does come on a little strong.  Sometimes I can see why and sometimes I wonder if she has ever taken a course in Anger Management?  Keep up the great show.  Jeri A. Conley   Sandusky, Ohio

  • Majo4

    I like the show, if I ever went to Detroit , I would want to stop in to see them at the pawn shop. 

  • Anonymous

    95% of the customers are black, fuck,,,

    they come in and start yelling to everyone in the shop, hahaha,

    no wonder the owners are so heartless.

  • Lagerhouse

    why don’t they get kids to run it and call it Kiddie Pawn, since the show title is so overwhelmingly creative and clever?

  • Owen Jones

    they say they are helping people,but the only people they help are themselfs.and they are so rude.wouldnt buy from this guy.pawn stars pays more money.

  • PatThe Rat

    I’d like to visit the store too, but it’s in Detroit and the cops there say the city is no longer safe.

  • Mr.jackson

    I hate hardcore pawn ….I wish I can kill them all for depicting my people ass idiots,goons and loud mouth ghetto people …..who tha fuc pawn shit nowadays lol????

  • Henry

    I like the show – I am grateful that I wake up every morning and realize I am not married to Ashley – Thank you god.
    I am always amazed how people come in with something worth say $50 and `demand` $500 for whatever reason.

  • labron

    gon givem a bj too. feel in love withe seth? you gaey for hime bro?

  • HonestEd

    everytime I watch Hardcore Pawn I get sick to my stomach. Les stares ignorantly at customers,is what I see. Seth tries real hard imiatating how his dad looks. Ashley brings her pms daily to a business where it could get them all killed,to quote Les. out of context I believe. By the way,Ash quit,then retired when they could’ve got a hot chick with shit for brains,that could actually do that job. Next time Ashley quits,Les should make the door hit her in her fat and on the way out.

  • Richard

    Dabearman Does anyone know what happen to Richie? Haven’t seen him in recent episodes