‘To Catch a Predator’ TV Newsman Chris Hansen Caught, Released by NBC After 20 Years on the Air

August 6, 2013

It’s possible that Michigan-born network TV reporter Chris Hansen could have a song stuck in his head today from legendary Motown tunesmith Smokey Robinson: “The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game.”

Multiple news sources reported Monday (Aug. 5) that Hansen, a former street reporter for Detroit’s WDIV (Channel 4) and WXYZ (Channel 7) best known for his “To Catch a Predator” hidden-camera pedophile ambush specials on Dateline NBC, is being cut loose by NBC after 20 years with the network. In a statement, NBC said it will not be renewing Hansen’s contract when it NBC News Correspondentsexpires later this year.

“Chris has been a valued member of the team and we thank him for his many contributions to Dateline and NBC News over the last 20 years,” the network said in a release to TV Guide magazine. “We wish him the very best.”

This decision comes just weeks after a new round of photos hit the media showing Hansen, a married father of two, locked in a passionate kiss with his alleged mistress of four months in 2012, Kristyn Caddell.

It was Caddell herself who released the photos to the gossip website RadarOnline.com. The onetime Florida TV newswoman expressed outrage that she has been out of a job since the affair was exposed while Hansen’s career appeared to have rebounded. “If I can’t work, he should not be able to work,” she told the website.

In March 2012, when The National Enquirer broke the first reports of his extramarital dalliances, Hansen claimed the photos the tabloid obtained were greatly misleading. “I understand the perceived irony of the, you know, so-called ‘gotcha guy’ getting ‘gotcha-ed,’” he said then. “But what the ‘gotcha guy’ got gotcha-ed doing was going out to dinner.”

Hansen, 54, a seven-time Emmy winner, released a simultaneous statement this week stating he is looking forward to “hosting and executive producing projects that will be announced in the coming months.”

A Lansing native who was raised in Bloomfield Hills and a Michigan State graduate, Hansen also will be long remembered in these parts for his controversial April 2010 Dateline documentary on Detroit, “America Now: City of Heartbreak and Hope.” Though the hour-long paean to his adopted hometown included interviews with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Kid Rock, many viewers focused on an older East Side gentleman who was earning money through his roadside sale of “coon meat.”

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  • Antoinette Mccrea

    I think if any one of you had the camera follow you and you were caught
    doing something you werent suppose to be doing, you would feel violated
    and that maybe what your doing doesnt concern you and those who
    broadcast others business should take a hard look into their own lives,
    I’m pretty sure they wouldnt want it out on a bulletin in the
    neighborhood convenient store or local news or flyers posted on every
    light post calling you out for what you are.

  • specom2

    Lemme guess, your hubby got caught diddlin’ kids and like an idiot, you stick with him?

  • Carol Lane

    Lucky for Chris Hansen he didn’t meet Kristyn Caddell first and marry her. She would of killed him for having a mistress!

  • Sarah L.

    Wow, Metro Times. I’m not commenting on the article just a statement by the writer calling Detroit “his adopted hometown.” All this hype you print in your paper about the region is Detroit…..the suburbs are Detroit and as soon as some one from the burbs is not so perfect in the eyes of the public they are an outsider? Phillip Cooley is an outsider,so is Toby Barlow, Owners of Detroit Bus Company. So stop calling them Detroiters because they are not!

  • Richard K. (Dick) Quinn

    Once a Sparty..always a Sparty!

  • Dee

    Most men making over $100,000 a year have entitlement issues. They feel that they’re too rich to get caught, and no one would dare tell on them. It’s why lawyers sexually harass their secretaries, why bar owners feel they can touch on the staff, why doctors mess around with 3 or 4 nurses at a time… and why mayors ball out on the city’s dime…and still expect everything to be okey dokey….. idiots

  • Dee

    this ain’t 1985 honey, there are cameras everywhere. If you don’t want what you’re doing to be scrutinized, do it at home. I don’t do things I know are illegal or just wrong. why? my kids are watching. I can’t afford not to practice what I preach, and obviously neither can Hansen.

  • Antoinette Mccrea

    Cheating on your spouse is immoral not illegal.

  • Antoinette Mccrea

    omg! your a disgusting pig, no sweetie, I make better choices than that to go with animals and if for a moment I thought that was the case, I would kill his ass and throw him in the desert for the coyotes to feed on.

  • Dee

    huh? um…. infidelity IS illegal… in most states… look it up

  • jan smiths

    what a scum bag

  • The Condor of the Underground

    I have several disturbing issues with the To Catch a Predator Sting.
    1. The Decoy, was never a minor as the chat site he signed up with has a strict provision that states under Title 18 US Code 2257 that by ticking the box that states under the penalty of perjury you are 18 years of age or older, #2. By checking this tick box you state that you have read these Terms Of Service and Agree.
    Issue 1 In the court proceedings there are 5 segments to a hearing
    a. Arraignment Hearing where the defendant makes is plea of Guilt or Not Guilty
    b. The Bail Hearing, where bail is reviewed and either stayed, lowered or OR is given
    c. Between the bail hearing and the next Preliminary Hearing where the deciding of
    evidence is decided both the prosecution and the defense proceed with discovery
    where both sides have a chance to examine the others findings. In most of these
    cases the defense was never given the Accusers (Decoy’s) Profile which is different
    than the Chat Log, the Profile in all of these cases are stated under Title 18 that
    all participants shall be over the age of 18, and signed under penalty of perjury
    Those profiles had been given the chance to be entered into evidence would have
    acquitted 99% of the individuals Held to Answer. which by the way is a Federal
    charge. This is where Dateline and Perverted Justice were in the wrong.

    2. The other thing is that all of the law enforcement were moonlighting on this sting, they were not being paid by the Department hence the Taxpayers, but NBC this was more like a movie set where they hire moon lighter officers to play cop in the show. All of the individuals were put thru the “Perp Walk” in front of cameras and tried by the media long before these cases were brought to trial. With that being said there was never any chance of any of these defendants getting a fair and impartial Jury to hear these cases
    thus all were Plea Bargained out but not reduced to Misdemeanors for the fact they still wanted to stick everyone with the Lifetime 290 Registration, Some of these defendants were never at the house but merely driving by, then pulled over miles from the bait house.

    As noted in the Texas case they chased down a District Attorney for 3 days and busted into his house where he commuted Suicide that was a total Witch Hunt and for what? Nothing more than TV Ratings for Chris Hansen. and now he is being Held to Answer for 2 fairly serious crimes. one possible affair with an under aged female and the other for Adultery. It could not have happened to a nicer Hipocritical piece of Pond Scum…..