PETA will give away fur coats to Detroit’s homeless

December 13, 2013



This may seem like a surprise, but PETA will be giving away  100 fur coats, leather jackets, wool scarves and angora sweaters to Detroit’s needy. The coats will be available at 1 pm. on Monday, Dec. 16 at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, 150 Stimson St. (between Cass and Woodward).

It’s a way to make use of existing fur coats without destroying them. The clothing was donated by “those who have moved on to garments whose production didn’t involve cruelty to animals,” according to a statement.

“PETA can’t bring the animals who were slaughtered to make these coats back to life, but we can send a message that only people truly struggling to survive have any excuse for wearing fur,” PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk said.


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  • gdlee

    It’s what we call in America, FREEDOM OF CHOICE! PETA is run by a bunch of idiots capitalizing on the emotions of animals, people.

  • A2

    It is a great idea to give coats to the homeless…however, giving expensive coats to homeless people could cause muggings from other homeless people fighting over those coats…

  • CaptainObvious13

    Really? You think that freezing homeless people will fight over a coat because it is EXPENSIVE???? Think this over just one more time…

  • Anon

    Those who are homeless and addicted to drugs WILL pawn coats for drug money. Why do you think you don’t see homeless people with nice coats…. Drugs are the only thing an addict cares about.

  • Dee D

    there isn’t a pawn shop in Detroit that will take a fur coat from a homeless person for cash!!! Shows how much you DON’T know about this city. Pawn shops want items in mint or good condition, these fur coats don’t qualify. They haven’t been kept in the best condition… and… what have YOU done for the homeless lately? Just wondering what gives you the idea that ALL homeless people are drug addicts? You show much more of your ignorance than you do compassion. Why?

  • Dee D

    someone gave a homeless man a computer. He didn’t pawn it for drugs, he instead decided to learn code. Despite the overwhelming lack of compassion towards the homeless, someone took a chance and changed a life. I’m on my way to my area WIC office with clean, free hand-me-downs for baby girls, diapers I’ve never used, and some love & compassion. Tis the season!

  • kmapjr

    Heck yeah they are going to fight & steal from the ones that got one, regardless of how expensive they are, the alpha’s of homeless will take that coat so fast from a weaker homeless that got one.

  • kmapjr

    I’m sure he didn’t say and mean all homeless are addicts, he said “Those that are homeless AND addicted”, I didn’t take that as he was saying all was homeless and addicted, but addicts, he’s dead on, only thing they care about is drugs.

  • Maria in Manchester

    They typically cut a piece of the fur out or something to take away the value. Still warm, but useless should one try to pawn it.

  • You’re Probably Wrong

    Fur coats have a maximum life of 20 years – less if not well cared for. After that, their value is nil and basically hold sentimental value for the owner/family or are used to line animal cages in the winter for warmth. The very nature of the material lends to it’s disintegration.

    We found this out when my grandmother passed away and took her vintage furs to a local furrier to establish their value. We were told to donate to the local animal shelter.

  • mudslinger

    Right. I’m sure Anon didn’t mean that they believe all homeless people are addicts because I’m sure Anon has a ton of experience with homeless people and can speak intelligently about the variety of situations they find themselves in. I’m SURE Anon cares enough about the people in these situations to not generalize and dismiss them all into one category so Anon can feel better about not caring about them.

  • mudslinger

    It seems like if they wanted to do something ethical, they could sell the coats and buy them more functional clothing/outerwear or support a program that actually systemically helps homeless folks get housing. But since this gesture looks wonky with their mission statement, then it just makes sense. Eh. Nice. But overall pretty lazy and probably useless if not somewhat counterproductive..

  • David Shaw Jr

    PETA destroys animals it says it will find homes for.